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For issues with authentication, please double check your user ID and password. If you continue to have problems with authentication, please contact your network administrator or ASA to check the status of your network account.

: Most commonwealth employees can access ESS for a wide array of HR info and tasks, such as leave, reimbursements, personal information, payroll options, health and other benefits. If you don’t use ESS,  information is also available at

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You have reached the universal login site for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It will allow you access to many sites within the Commonwealth. In order to login click the Login link on the top of this page. If you don't have a username and

How Can You Get Access to Log in to MyWorkplace.State.Pa.US? |
Access to MyWorkplace.State.Pa.US is given to state employees in Pennsylvania after their first day of work. The Pennsylvania HR Service Center's website has a PDF document detailing how to access...

Commonwealth of PA Internal Job Postings | Working for the Commonwealth is Working for the Common Good!
for current and former Commonwealth employees. Some positions are also available for current and former local government employees who have held civil service status. If you do not have this experience, please visit the

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