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Whatever your needs might be, you can always trust the Pine & Oak team of legal experts to provide you with the utmost care, consideration and dependable legal guidance. No other firm comes close in the Dominican Republic in doing this.

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Why Clients Choose Us?

As an international law firm based in the beautiful Dominican Republic, many of our lawyers are qualified in multiple jurisdictions including the US, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean, as well as having an in-depth practical knowledge of the DR law in general.

Dominican Republic serves as the gateway to the Caribbean and America; partnering with us allows you to tap into our world of knowledge and wealth of experience to help you maximise the benefits of doing business in this diverse and highly flexible continent.

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Many prominent Dominican and international companies have been drafted in our firm. Our pioneering and innovative nature is a direct result of the vitality and dynamism that characterizes our corporate DNA. Throughout our institutional life, we always have been at the forefront of legal, technological, and entrepreneurial matters, without our team of lawyers and advisers losing sight of the principal beneficiaries of our work: our clients.

2018 winning Award

Recognized for our pioneering efforts in the fintech and ecommerce industry, separating us as the best in terms of technology use cases.


Privately owned by the Pine & Oak group, which means that there’s no compromises or any sort of relation to any government/political faction whatsoever.

Legal Protection

Your situation is confidential and will be kept that way with us. We don’t ask what happened, but rather focus on the “what the future could be for you?”.


Words From Clients

  • Our situation last year was pretty precarious in terms of legal issues due to mishandling. We thought that it was impossible to get out of that but after partnering with Pine & Oak, everything was in autopilot. I must say that the work ethic put by this firm is just top notch.

    John Dowson
    CEO Of FinCap, Financial Corp.
  • When it comes to law services and technology knowledge, Pine & Oak is just another fragrance. Not only they took care of our opportunities with the GDPR and some of our applications internally, but they also did the necessary recommendations to pair the law adjustments with the best technology platforms at the time. Extremely pleased with their job.

    Janete Jones
    CFO Of Xterra
  • Without these group of lawyers, i would probably not be here running my business. I came with a situation, no further questions asked, hands on to the solution right away. Just so professional and dedicated!

    Jame Gordon