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Whatever your needs might be, you can always trust the Pine & Oak team of legal experts to provide you with the utmost care, consideration and dependable legal guidance. No other firm comes close in the Dominican Republic in doing this.

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We consider ourselves the best of the best, and capable of solving any situation withing our expertise.
Practice Area80%
Happy Customer100%
Firm Size70%
Success Case90%
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2018 winning Award

Recognized for our pioneering efforts in the fintech and ecommerce industry, separating us as the best in terms of technology use cases.


Privately owned by the Pine & Oak group, which means that there’s no compromises or any sort of relation to any government/political faction whatsoever.

Legal Protection

Your situation is confidential and will be kept that way with us. We don’t ask what happened, but rather focus on the “what the future could be for you?”.